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Fast-Forward Count: 0

Regionals are here! Time to validate your existence. )

Don't forget to let me know if you'd like me to continue with these recaps or retire the hobby for when I watch season 2.
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Fast Forward Count: 1 (but there were 2 more close-calls, narrowly avoided)

Glee means never having to say you're kidding )
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And we're back!

Fast Forward Count: 0

I warn you, this recap has been super-sized. I know not why.

Ya know what would make an awesome addition to any Regionals set list? Setting some kids on fire. Yeah, let's do that! )
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Fast Forward Count: I don't remember. None, I guess?

It's showtime! Hit the lights! )
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Fast Forward Count: 0! (The Artie TMI reveal was a close call, but so quick it didn't leave me time to dive for the remote) Woot! Either the show is definitely relying on horrifyingly embarrassment less or I'm getting tougher!

Who are you and what have you done with Sue? )
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Fast Forward Count: 0

Those of you who know me will easily guess what annoyed me this episode, so we'll just move along and I shall not dwell. No really. No dwelling. None at all. *frown*

Last time I took a med with pseudoephedrine in it I had heart palpitations. Here? Not so much. )


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