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Title: Released by the Moon
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] wellymuck with inspiration from April 5th's prompt. Feedback and concrit are adored.

The wolf doesn’t think in the way of men. )
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A tiny half-drabble written from the April 4th prompt in [ profile] wellymuck.

It is a good day
When one discovers
While lying on the new grass
Gazing at the bluest sky in memory
The languorous sun kissing winter-pale skin
With blossoms floating down like weightless rain
And your stomach a pillow for your friend-lover-conspirator

That these are the best of times
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Title: Layers
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: light R, just in case
Author's Note: A short offering based upon [ profile] wellymuck's April 3rd prompt. Cut for suggestiveness ;)

Layers )
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Title: Completion
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: very light R
Summary: The inevitable is not always so, when Sirius Black is involved.
Author’s note: Inspired by [ profile] wellymuck’s April 2nd prompt. Betaed with speed and perception by [ profile] amor_remanet. This style is an experiment, so any and all feedback is appreciated.

Life and living have a cycle, a relentless rhythm that carries one along until it is through with you, and then you come to the end. )
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It took me all day to think of something appropriate to help celebrate both April Fool's and the start of [ profile] wellymuck. I ended up borrowing lightly from an idea I used back in [ profile] scarvesnhats.

Title: Something About Gryffindors, Part II
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: PG-13 for a wee bit of language
Summary: A mildly exasperated Madam Pomfrey tends to her first victims of the day.
Author's Noted: Feedback is always appreciated, as I've been struggling in the throes of writer's block for nearly a month now, and I could use all the help I can get.

Something About Gryffindors, Part II )


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