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This week's theme was: idioms!

Prompt: Scotty, Gaila - Water under the bridge
The Cure for Pessimism, Scotty/Gaila, PG-13 )


Prompt: Kirk, Gaila - Sly as a fox
Direct Approach, Kirk/Gaila/McCoy, PG-13 )


Prompt: Kirk, Chekov - Your guess is as good as mine
Unintended Exposure, Kirk/Chekov, PG-13 )


In other news, I think my porn muse is broken :(

In other, other news, I'm back at work and exhausted. Work blew up while I was away. Woe. Does make the day less draggy though, I suppose.
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The theme this week was office supplies.

Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Desk Lamp
Consequences, Kirk/McCoy, R )


Prompt: Kirk, Scotty, Chekov, Gaila - Office chairs
Flexible, Kirk, Scott, Gaila/Chekov, PG-13R )


Prompt: Kirk, Gaila - Ledger
Keeping Track of You, Gaila/Kirk, R )


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Rubber Bands
Snap, Kirk/McCoy, PG-13 )


Prompt: Spock, Uhura - Calendar
warnings for references to difficulty in conceiving
The Fourth Day, Spock/Uhura, PG )

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So I spent my morning being cranky about something that I cannot do a darn thing to fix until Tuesday, but stayed cranky for several hours regardless. Then I spent 3 hours cleaning and putting shelf paper in my cabinets (I HATE shelf paper: truly, madly, deeply hate it!), which I'm not going to credit with improving my mood because that just doesn't make sense, but at the end of it all I was mostly better.

And then I came home and caught a few rounds of [ profile] bridge2sickbay. This week's theme was AUs. My personal theme this week seems to have also been CRACK. I dunno, folks. I just don't know.

Prompt: Kirk, Chapel, Rand - Nunnery
The Plight of the Rake; Kirk, Chapel, Rand, PG, cracky 'historical' AU )


This one is a melding of two prompts. It just sorta happened.

Prompt: Kirk, Chekov - Police Detectives
Prompt: Kirk, Gaila - Cybersex addicts
Another Day on the Job; (Sam)Kirk, Chekov, Kirk/Gaila, PG-13, crack) )


I was bad and definitely did not stick with the spirit of the prompt, but I couldn't resist the idea of Kirk and McCoy as evil game designers planning to wipe out your entire family on Oregan Trail.

Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Traveling the Oregon Trail or similar
Creative Minds are Evil; Kirk, McCoy, PG, probably cracky? )

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This week's theme: Crayon Colors

Prompt: Sulu, Author's Choice - Leather Jacket

Choices; Sulu/Chekov/Scott, PG-13 )


In other news: I signed up for a card in [ profile] hc_bingo 'cause I had a weak moment. And also 'cause I love me some h/c, heavy on the "c" and hopefully will get to indulge :)

In other news, two weeks until France! I am extremely excited. And nervous. I combat this by making lists and reading "French for Dummies" to try and rekindle the spark of knowledge that may or may not be leftover from high school french class (I'm doomed!)
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This week's theme was: Things you can hang

Prompt: Spock, McCoy, Uhura - The Past
Aftereffects; Spock/McCoy/Uhura, PG-13 )


Prompt: Kirk, Uhura - Earrings
Distractions; Kirk/Uhura, G )


Prompt: Sulu, Chekov - Umbrella
Excuses; Sulu/Chekov, PG )


Prompt: Kirk, Uhura - Mirror
Links; Uhura/Spock, Kirk, G (or Uhura/Kirk if you wanted to read it that way, I suppose...) )


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy, Joanna - Crayon Drawings
Read more... )


Prompt: Sulu, Gaila - Garland
Swordplay; Sulu/Gaila, PG-13 )


Prompt: Author's Choice - Cross/Crucifix
Symbols of Unity; None, PG )


Prompt: McCoy, Joanna - Swing
To The Sky; McCoy, Joanna, G )


I think it's pretty safe to say I had an excellent time at B2S this week. So many fun and moving drabbles and ficlets to read and good times writing, too.
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I got a little... out of hand tonight. For some reason the song title theme and resultant prompts really worked for me tonight inspiration-wise and I wanted to dive all over several of them.

So here we go...

Prompt: Kirk, Joanna - Ask for Answers
Ask a Silly Question, Kirk/McCoy, Joanna, G )


Prompt: Chekov, Joanna - She Blinded Me With Science
Boom, Chekov, Joanna, PG )


Prompt: Pike, Winona - Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky, Pike, Winona Kirk, PG-13 )


Prompt: Nero, Author’s Choice - Good Man Gone Bad
In Memoriam, Nero/Mandana, R )


Prompt: Kirk, Spock - Kiss With a Fist
Kiss With a Fist, Kirk/Spock, PG-13 )


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - If You Don't Know Me by Now
Not a Walk on the Beach, Kirk/McCoy, R )


In other news, I'm starting to feel better - yay! Only the medication I'm on makes me WIRED, meaning not a lot of sleep - boo! But breathing is good. I strongly support breathing.

In other, other news, my birthday is tomorrow! Now, my sister and I have already kinda sorta celebrated our bdays since she went back to Iowa today, but I imagine my parents and I will have dinner tomorrow or something.

I was thinking about doing that reverse gifting thing where, for my birthday, anyone who wants one would give me a prompt and I would write a drabble/ficlet for them. Is there interest out there were I to do that tomorrow?
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I tried to multitask tonight during bridge2sickbay, since I can't just devote a 4 hour chunk of every Sunday to writing alone (sadly :( ). It didn't turn out so well. I did manage to produce 2 ficlets, do 2 loads of laundry, and steam some veggies for lunch tomorrow, but I burned dinner tonight by getting distracted and had trouble focusing on writing and really only got inspiration for those 2 prompts.

Next weekend is a work weekend, so I don't think I'll be able to participate then, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things the weekend after.

The two ficlets produced tonight were both Chekov/Sulu, which is unusual for me, but who am I to complain ;) Without further ado...

Prompt: Sulu/Chekov - I've got no illusions about you, and guess what? I never did. (Ani DiFranco)
Truth; Sulu/Chekov, PG-13) )


Prompt: Sulu/Chekov - If I knew the way, I would take you home. (Grateful Dead)
Hail Mary, In Space; Sulu/Chekov, PG-13 )


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