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The remainder of my teas from the lovely [ profile] lauriegilbert...

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I have received more teas! My teas from [ profile] lauriegilbert arrived today and they are delightful. My whole kitchen smells like cherries right now. I have a happy house.

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I have received more teas! My teas from [ profile] abigail89 arrived yesterday and they are delightful. Once again, brand new teas, brand new tea shop. I'm lovin' this :)

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I got my first tea in the mail on Saturday! I'm so excited. Sadly, due to my general blearghiness I had to wait until today to make my first cup(s) so as to properly appreciate them.

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May. 22nd, 2011 10:14 pm
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I received a tea-exchange package! Woo!

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Why yes, I can has :)

I received my second tea exchange package today and am extremely excited about it. Here, you can see why :-D

Thank you, [ profile] willow_kat!

I am thinking that the pear will be lovely for tomorrow morning before work, provided I get up in time. Updates ongoing as I taste and test and (hopefully) capture with pictures more.

And I will get to learn how to make bubble tea! Which I have never done before! This is exciting. I think that will be a project for the weekend, however, because I am staring down the throat of a 3-in-a-row and can only hope to emerge alive. each night.

TEA! A very happy-making package to come home to today.
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More tea talk, folks. I've only got two to share today. I've now tested (and loved) each of the teas that [ profile] incognito sent to me, however I haven't taken pictures of them all because I was too busy enjoying my tea to bother finding the camera. I shall try to do better ;) Or at least prepare ahead and keep the camera in the kitchen.

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I am sitting on the couch in my living room with the sliding door and window open, offering some wonderful cross-ventilation, listening to birds chirp and itunes play me lovely music, and enjoying tea my first cup of tea exchange tea.

The amazing [ profile] incognito sent me so many amazing looking and smelling teas and I cannot wait to try them all. The first one I've tried is Forest Berries. Yes, I am drinking black tea at nearly 7pm, what of it?

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In other news, I am apparently writing fic in the Sherlock (BBC) fandom now. Save me?


In other other news, someone asked me if they could do a podfic of one of my stories. This gave me such a happy, people, I cannot even tell you. *swoons*


More news: After a really hard several days at work, I am in the middle of several consecutive days off and it is divine. Next week I have two days of work and then a two-day conference amidst several more days off. I am considering this a win given that, even though it's a work-related conference, it's still not being at work. Methinks that the past month-plus of crappy schedules and extra time have taken their toll on my enthusiasm and energy levels. Days off are wonderful.


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