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Title: Tea Time
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Sulu/Gaila
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~700
Warnings: Brief sexual reference
Disclaimer: I neither own Star Trek nor profit from this work.
Summary: Gaila finds this particular method of showing one's affections perfect.
A/N: A touched up version of a ficlet from the [ profile] bridge2sickbay drabble community. Written for the prompt: Sulu, Gaila - Green tea. Many thanks to [ profile] lauriegilbert for her sharp eye.

Tea Time )
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The format for this week's [ profile] bridge2sickbay was a bingo card. Two, actually. By the end of the fest we'd completed one full-card bingo and much of the second. Here are my contributions:

Prompt: Kirk - I got ya
Best Man, Kirk, Spock/Uhura, PG )


Prompt: McCoy - Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Things to Come, Gen, PG-13 )


Prompt: Mulan
Big Damn Heroines, Gen, PG-13 )


Prompt: Cupcake – Cupcakes
Cupcakes for Cupcake, Gen, PG )


Prompt: Does anyone remember when we were explorers?
A Better Way To Debrief, Ensemble, PG )


Prompt: The Quick and the Dead
High Noon, Gen, PG )


Prompt: Scotty - Mechaphilia
Protecting His Girl, Scotty/Enterprise, PG-13 )


Prompt: Gangsters
An Offer You Cannot Refuse, Mirror, Gen, PG )

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This week's theme: Crayon Colors

Prompt: Sulu, Author's Choice - Leather Jacket

Choices; Sulu/Chekov/Scott, PG-13 )


In other news: I signed up for a card in [ profile] hc_bingo 'cause I had a weak moment. And also 'cause I love me some h/c, heavy on the "c" and hopefully will get to indulge :)

In other news, two weeks until France! I am extremely excited. And nervous. I combat this by making lists and reading "French for Dummies" to try and rekindle the spark of knowledge that may or may not be leftover from high school french class (I'm doomed!)
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This week's theme was: Things you can hang

Prompt: Spock, McCoy, Uhura - The Past
Aftereffects; Spock/McCoy/Uhura, PG-13 )


Prompt: Kirk, Uhura - Earrings
Distractions; Kirk/Uhura, G )


Prompt: Sulu, Chekov - Umbrella
Excuses; Sulu/Chekov, PG )


Prompt: Kirk, Uhura - Mirror
Links; Uhura/Spock, Kirk, G (or Uhura/Kirk if you wanted to read it that way, I suppose...) )


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy, Joanna - Crayon Drawings
Read more... )


Prompt: Sulu, Gaila - Garland
Swordplay; Sulu/Gaila, PG-13 )


Prompt: Author's Choice - Cross/Crucifix
Symbols of Unity; None, PG )


Prompt: McCoy, Joanna - Swing
To The Sky; McCoy, Joanna, G )


I think it's pretty safe to say I had an excellent time at B2S this week. So many fun and moving drabbles and ficlets to read and good times writing, too.
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I survived the long week last week and then I had a nice weekend filled with good friends and laughing and video games. I am in a good mood :)

On to the ficlets! This weeks theme was body parts. Don't worry, I mostly behaved myself.

Prompt: Spock, McCoy - Fingertips

Exploration, Spock/McCoy, R(ish) )


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Knuckles

Dependable, Kirk/McCoy, PG-13 )


Prompt: Sulu, Uhura - Palm

Slide, Sulu, Uhura, PG )


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Nape of the Neck

Unfair Advantage, Kirk/McCoy, PG-13) )


I am working next weekend, so limited B2S, if any at all. Sadness. But at least I'll have something nice to read when I get home :) Someone write porn, ok? Cuz that would be very pleasant to come home to.
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I tried to multitask tonight during bridge2sickbay, since I can't just devote a 4 hour chunk of every Sunday to writing alone (sadly :( ). It didn't turn out so well. I did manage to produce 2 ficlets, do 2 loads of laundry, and steam some veggies for lunch tomorrow, but I burned dinner tonight by getting distracted and had trouble focusing on writing and really only got inspiration for those 2 prompts.

Next weekend is a work weekend, so I don't think I'll be able to participate then, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things the weekend after.

The two ficlets produced tonight were both Chekov/Sulu, which is unusual for me, but who am I to complain ;) Without further ado...

Prompt: Sulu/Chekov - I've got no illusions about you, and guess what? I never did. (Ani DiFranco)
Truth; Sulu/Chekov, PG-13) )


Prompt: Sulu/Chekov - If I knew the way, I would take you home. (Grateful Dead)
Hail Mary, In Space; Sulu/Chekov, PG-13 )


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