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I loved The Avengers.


More than I can express properly in text, even. It led me to finally seeing and adoring Iron Man and Captain America, and appreciating Thor more than I had when I saw it the first time without realizing it was connected to anything. It is even making me consider watching the Hulk movie at some point. It has also opened me to new fic, art, vids, etc.

I have basically been diving into a sea of Avengers fanstuff nearly exclusively for months. This was entirely uncharted territory for me, having zero prior knowledge or exposure to this fandom.

I also love [ profile] cleolinda and her Movies in Fifteen Minutes over at [ profile] m15m. Always good for a chuckle and reliable in brightening my day.

What do you get when you put these things together?

The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes

And a very happy me.

An excerpt from the work can be found below:

Read more... )

If anyone has suggestions for fic, vids, art, etc, I would love any and all recs. I ship pretty much everyone with everyone and love gen too. I could also use some suggestions for avengers/marvel LJ icons, so help in that area would also be fabulous :)
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I am desperately in need of a bit of diversion. Please, please, please rec me some fic to read on my study and work breaks! Emphasis on humor and fluff/schmoop a plus, smoking hot porn also welcomed with open arms ;) Fandoms: Star Trek Reboot, Sherlock, Glee, Doctor Who (new series), or Stargate Atlantis would all be adored. Or rec me something new!
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I've been somewhat battling with my thoughts on Sherlock/John bromance vs romance (or smut, even). I've read sadly little Sherlock fic so far (and would LOVE some recs, if you please) and most of what I've read and enjoyed has been friendship and preslash, more than smutty or established relationship stuff. Not sure if that is how I prefer the pairing, or it's more a matter of the stories I've stumbled across.

That aside, when I was recced this fic, I was greatly amused by it and completely fell into the relationship as presented.

Diplomatic Relations by Coragyps (link goes to is a Sherlock/John fic, rated adult, and the listed genres are friendship/romance, though I would add humor as well. The character voices are excellent and the fic is greatly amusing me tonight.
Summary: John explores the narrow boundaries of Sherlock's sexuality.

Excerpt: Sherlock frowns. "No talking." He knows this annoys John, who likes to say that good communication is the key to good sex (Sherlock can't imagine what dime-store sex psychology John has been reading; obviously corresponding genitalia is the key to good sex).


Jan. 4th, 2011 09:55 pm
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I don't know how I missed this when it was posted but I did. Fortunately it wasn't lost to me forever. Check out this lovely Kirk/McCoy fic by [ profile] checkerboxed and written for the prompt: "First time they slept together and then slept together (as in stayed in the same bed all night instead of one leaving as soon as the sexytimes are over)."

You Could Stay (link leads to [ profile] jim_and_bones which is restricted to comm members)
You Could Stay (alternate link to author's journal, unlocked)
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Today's happy? Podfic! The discovery of podfic has made my driving life infinitely more enjoyable. And my cleaning, cooking, exercising, relaxing... Let's just say that the list goes on and I'm an addict. Some of my favorites are listed and linked below.

[ profile] revolutionaryjo has read three of my favorite podfic.

Stealing Harry by [ profile] copperbadge(aka [ profile] sam_storyteller) (Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius, R, 9+ hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

You'll Get There In The End (It Just Takes A While)"> by [ profile] seperis (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock, NC-17, 3+ hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

A Truth That's Told With Bad Intent by lj user="nikki4noo"> (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, ~3 hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

[ profile] reena_jenkins is responsible for a lot of the podfic on my iPod. Among my favorites (well, they're all my favorites, but I had to narrow it down for space considerations...)

Just Another Waveform Collapse by [ profile] queenzulu (SGA/Firefly crossover; Team gen, PG, 24 minutes) can be found here.

Knives in the Water by [ profile] green_postit (Star Trek Reboot AU; Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, warnings!, ~2 hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

Scenes From An Accidental Courtship/A (Making) Love Scene by [ profile] torakowalski (SGA; Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, 1+ hour) can be found here and are also available as mp3s.

James and the Giant Ship by [ profile] blcwriter (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk gen, PG-13, 24 minutes) is read by [ profile] hiding_places and can be found here.

The Illogical Series by [ profile] waldorph (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock, others, NC-17, 11+ hours) is read by [ profile] 2naonh3_cl2 and can be found here. It is also available as mp3s.

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by [ profile] lazulisong (Star Trek Reboot, James Kirk & ensemble gen, PG-13, 1+ hours) is read by [ profile] templemarker and can be found here. It is also available as an mp3.

The Nantucket AU by [ profile] sheafrotherdon, [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] siriaeve, and [ profile] aesc (SGA AU, Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, 5+ hours) is read by [ profile] the_oscar_cat and can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

Pocket Watch Boy by [ profile] mhalachaiswords (Torchwood; Jack/Ianto, PG-13, 2+ hours) is read by [ profile] paraka and can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

Small Primes and Square Roots by [ profile] liviapenn (SGA; Sheppard/McKay, R, 1+ hours) is read by [ profile] cookiemom6067 and can be found here. It is also available as an mp3.
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Today's happy: fanvids! My previous short fanvid post can be found here.

I love fanvids. They've helped support my love for fandom, introduced me to new music, introduced me to new fandoms, shown me how to love characters, made me laugh and cry, and told me stories that canon never even let me dream of. Some I love for the song and vid clip choice, some for amazing editing, some for clarity and color, some for overall theme, some because they've just hit me right where I need them to.

Indulging in fanvids definitely makes me happy :) If you feel inspired, do please rec me more! The more the merrier!

Just some samples of fanvids that I have saved, DLed, or put into my memories.

Doctor Who/Torchwood:
Vids )

Star Trek:
Vids )

Stargate Atlantis:
Vids )

Vids )

Vids )

*Looking for all these vids has sparked memories of others that I've adored in the past and cannot find now. I am on a mission to track them down!
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Today's happy is: [ profile] m15m and [ profile] cleolinda and [ profile] made_of_fail_pc

[ profile] cleolinda is an author that writes and shares parodies of popular and fun movies and television shows, as well as discussions and commentaries of books as well. She is hilarious and it is well worth reading her work, some of which I will link below.

Cleolinda's FAQ regarding her parodies and the Movie in Fifteen Minutes that she writes can be found here

The LJ community for her Movies in 15 minutes can be found here: [ profile] m15m.

Some of my favorites are:

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince in Fifteen Minutes

Excerpt )

All the Twilights are hilarious, given the mockability of the source material. Here's the first one:
Twilight in Fifteen Minutes
(also linked are her recaps/commentaries of the books... totally worth it.)

Excerpt )

Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes

Excerpt )

[ profile] cleolinda, over on her own journal, also has several other projects going on. My favorite at the moment is her Secret Life of Dolls. You can get caught up here.

Cleolinda has written a book of parodies which can be purchased off Amazon UK here.

Now, on to the podcast. I first heard of Made of Fail ([ profile] made_of_fail_pc) through cleolinda's journal. I started out listening first to the episodes she was in and quickly got hooked on Kevin, Dayna, and their guests. It's a geeky, fannish, awesome podfic and I heartily suggest it. I listen to episode 32 on a regular basis for the glory that is Cleolinda playing a game of Horrify the Twilight Noob on poor Kacie. It's truly quality, people.
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I've been feeling a bit down lately, so in an effort to perk myself up I'm going to try to post something that makes me happy every day this month.

Today's happy? Two of my absolute favorite fanvids. The first is a Star Trek tribute video celebrating all of the television Trek series as well as many/most of the movies (I still haven't seen all of the Next Gen movies, so can't say for sure). The music is the orchestral piece of the beautiful flute song Picard plays from "The Inner Light" so in addition to a vid that I love, there's a piece of music that I adore here as well. I have the song on my ipod and it never fails to give me a sense of peace and relaxation.

The second vid is likely one of the first fanvids I ever watched and loved. Sadly, it isn't streaming online, but can be downloaded from the Killa's DW here. It is a TOS/movies vid with a Kirk and Spock focus (I suppose you can look at it either a shippy vid or a friendship vid, depending on which glasses you prefer) but also with the whole ensemble appearing as well. The music is "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennit, yet another song that I adore (though this one I started to love mostly because of this vid). Yes, I have mentioned my adoration for this vid before.
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One of my absolute favorite fanvids is available for download once again! I am ridiculously pleased about this.

Quite some time ago, I downloaded a couple of fanvids in different fandoms as I explored the giant pond that is fandom. This vid was among the group that I saved.

I can't even tell you how long the vid sat on my computer without my knowledge of its presence. I have no idea. I didn't discover it, in fact, until my laptop began to die and I began backing up files for the eventual worst-case scenario of ultimate laptop fail. Then, I found the file, opened it up, found the vid, and proceeded to flail at it's awesomeness. I watched multiple times in a row and the build is wonderful and moving and the scene at the end absolutely guts me every time. Yeah, I may have shed a bit of a tear. (Full disclosure: I shed tears at a lot of stuff though - emotional anything, pretty days, moving fic, and Hallmark commercials included, so YMMV)

I went searching for it online a while back in hopes of finding more from the creator, Killa, finding out if there were other versions, recs, etc. Sadly, I struck out - the vid was gone from the creator's page. But the creator has made it available once again, hence my squeeful post.

It's a TOS/original movies based Kirk/Spock fanvid set to Loreena McKennitt's Dante's Prayer. It is lovely and moving and I just want to curl up and snuggle it for a while. And now I have a version in even better quality! So snuggle I will.

Here's the link for anyone interested:

(For my fellow Kirk/Bones shippers... yes, I still love them, and yet my love for them does not detract at ALL from my love for this vid.)
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So, I am sick. I've been sick since mid-Monday. I've missed 2 days of work, was feeling rather craptastic during my parents wedding ceremony (Why yes, it was adorable, thanks for asking :D ), and am not getting better yet. This last bit is unusual for me since usually any ill feelings this time of year is generally allergy-related and goes way once I start medicating myself properly. Well, I'm medicated and still feeling crappy. I'm kind of concerned that I'm headed in the direction of a sinus infection (or am perhaps already there, but in denial - don't take my denial away from me!)

Anyways, the main reason for this post, despite the wordcount of the above whining, is to rec an excellent fic that I adore and want to hug and squee over endlessly. It is Corresponding Shapes (Kirk/McCoy, R) by [ profile] savoytruffle. In fact, I'm going to make tea (or take a nap, or both) and take some more meds and then reread it. Because once through cheered me up, twice through can only improve upon the effects, right?
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It is currently 2am and I am still awake. I have to be out and about to take my car to the mechanic in under 6 hours. I am not happy about this. Since I'm not yet sleepy, however, I am writing this and eating leftover acorn squash and chocolate cheesecake. My weird cravings, let me show you them.


So I participated in [ profile] fandom_stocking for the first time this year. I had fun, but didn't produce nearly as many fills as I had hoped I would, sadly. My stocking's contents can be found here. Go and admire :) There is an especially adorable Zoe/Wash backstory drabble by [ profile] isellersfic that I love as well as a sweet and wonderful Teyla/Ronon/Rodney Vegas!verse fic by [ profile] purple_cube. You will also find icons by [ profile] vandonovan and [ profile] yhlee that are excellent and definitely added to my collection. To round it out, you will find a link to a Doctor Who Ten/Reinette, Ten/Rose fanvid (Woo! Fanvid!) and holiday wishes.


My fills are reposted below:

Originally written for [ profile] queenmidalah at [ profile] fandom_stocking here.

Firefly, Signs of the Season, Mal/Kaylee, PG )


Originally posted for [ profile] storydivagirl's stocking at [ profile] fandom_stocking here.

Star Trek, White(ish) Christmas, Kirk/McCoy, Joanna, G )


Posted for [ profile] celli's stocking at [ profile] fandom_stocking here. Her special request was to include mentions of accounting or taxes. So here we have: Accountant AU. I think this might be my first AU...

Star Trek, 'Tis the Season, Kirk/McCoy, PG-13, AU )
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It's been an excruciatingly painful process, but I've actually been getting a bit of writing done. It's been entirely in [ profile] fandom_stocking rather than my WiPs of doom (or would it be W(s)iP?) but it's still writing. I've been greatly helped in the process by a friend who recommended the following sites:

Write Or Die
13 Tips For Actually Getting Some Writing Done

So, these have helped me to sit down and just write something. I'm trying to sit and write and just do it without psyching myself out about the general suckiness of whatever it is I'm working on. I guess the current motto is: At least write something and if it sucks, you can delete it. But at least you did it. We'll see how this works as an MO for me.
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**Okay, so I started this list last week and kept it on private while I built it and added links... and then completely forgot to unlock it, so lemme try this again.

I've heard this type of fic referred to as safety fic/safety tabs, cuddle!fic, and anti-angst fic (though it doesn't mean that the stories do not contain angst, simply that by the end of reading them you feel content). It's your fandom version of a fuzzy blanket, a cup of hot tea, and that favorite novel you've reread a million times.

This is far from an exhaustive list (I haven't even started slogging through my Harry Potter links, for example). For now I'm just going to focus on the pieces that I tend to turn to for a reliable pick-me-up when needed.

Stargate Atlantis:
The Farm in Iowa series by [ profile] sheafrotherdon. (John/Rodney, various ratings through NC-17, AU, kidfic)
The Nantucket series by [ profile] aesc, [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] sheafrotherdon, and [ profile] siriaeve. (John/Rodney, various ratings through NC-17, AU)
The On Life and Living series by [ profile] wesleysgirl. (John/Rodney, various ratings through NC-17, AU, kidfic)
A Supermarket in California by [ profile] taffetablue. (John/Rodney, R, AU)
People Watching by Tipper (link to (Team(ish) mostly featuring Carson and Elizabeth, PG)

Star Trek (yeah, it's new incarnation is relatively young in fandom terms, but I've still found some good safeties!):
The Village!verse by [ profile] chaletian. (Ensemble, PG through PG-13)
Two Men & a Motorbike series by [ profile] inell (Jim/Bones, rated teen through adult)
Hard-Earned Rights by [ profile] andrealyn. (Jim/Bones, PG-13, kidfic(ish))
How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [ profile] sparky77. (Ensemble, R)
This ficlet by [ profile] theonlytwin. (Spock/Uhura, Spock/Uhura/Kirk, R(ish))
Discovered Check by waketosleep (links to dreamwidth). (Spock and Kirk preslash, G)
Friends: A Kirk and Bones fanvid (links to Youtube)
We Go Together fanvid. I never would have imagined putting Star Trek and Grease together, but ya know what? It totally works!

Jack's Promise fanvid (Jack/Ianto)(links to Youtube)

Defying Gravity fanvid (links to Youtube)

***I have no explanation for why so many of my safety fic are AUs and kidfics. I JUST DON'T KNOW. This is not normal for me, really, because I started out very gen-focused and character exploration driven. Now it's all about the slash and exploring different worlds/dimensions/timelines/possibilities, etc.
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My very first post using my shiny new laptop. So wonderful. It actually works, and tends to actually do what I tell it to, a novel concept, I assure you. What is not so wonderful is the process of transferring everything from my old laptop to this new one. Oy, headache.

In honor of my birthday, and to christen the new computer, I had wanted to write a new fic, however the muse has not been kind to me of late. I can do the next best thing, however, now that the reveal for [ profile] remus_reads has occurred :)

First, however, I would like to pimp out the fic that I received in the exchange: Raindrops on Noses by [ profile] nohwrah. I've linked you to the posting at her journal, rather than the community's journal so that should you want to comment on it, she will receive it more easily. This story is a lovely fic written from my prompts of: teasing conversations and hopeful endings. It is Remus/Sirius, G, MWPP-era, and quite enjoyable.

My contribution to the exchange is below, but before I get to that, a bit of background... It was written for [ profile] nohwrah (Funny how that turned out :) ), with the prompts: smoking!sirius and unrequited love being requited. The minimum word count for this exchange was 200 words, however once I got started I couldn't stop. It just got completely out of hand :-D I think the prompts given were perfect - enough to give me a starting point without being restrictive of my imagination. I'm sure there are still rough spots in there, so feel free to point out any errors, or question anything you'd like - I love constructive criticism. I also had a second beta, [ profile] rissabby, in addition to the always-wonderful [ profile] amor_remanet, whose comments and suggestions were added to the version of the fic I'm posting now, so... thanks to wonderful, lovely, understanding, and patient betas!

Title: Sheer Madness of the Marauder Sort
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Remus/Sirius
Warning(s): Hmmm, heights and smoking?
A/N: This fic was written for [ profile] nohwrah for the [ profile] remus_reads fic exchange to celebrate Remus Lupin's birthday. It was-betaed by the ever-talented [ profile] amor_remanet and [ profile] rissabby, whose help and humor are invaluable.

It was the smoke that gave Sirius away... )
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Also, before I forget- the fics I received. Fics, you say? Plural?

Why yes. I got two :-D

Train-Bound Tryst by [ profile] theladyfeylene, James/Lily, NC-17
Just an Accident by [ profile] sise5, Remus/Lily, NC-17
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[ profile] shackinup_sesa authors have been revealed :) I encourage anyone interested in Remus/Sirius and good fanfic to go take a look - there are some masterful stories collected there this year. I especially want to pimp out [ profile] lorrainemarker, who wrote Love in Darkness from my prompt wishes. A real treat to read, and very moving.

Also, [ profile] blanketforts is up and in full swing (or so my ages long friend's list tells me. This is the first real chance I've had to do any real LJing since starting work (oy - the exhaustion is unreal, I get home and collapse), however since I work 12 hour night shifts, I have the next four days off, and lots of time (theoretically) to fill :) I'm hoping to catch up properly. So... yeah, back to the point - go check out [ profile] blanketforts for your month of January Remus/Sirius needs.
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Oh, and because I am absentminded (although in my defense I've been in distracted and in pain since yesterday afternoon) I forgot to link to the [ profile] shackinup_sesa that I received, and so, without further ado, Love in Darkness. It is lovely, and sad, and touching, and thank you mystery-author :) I will link to it again when I find out the author, which I believe will happen on the 1st of January.
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The newest chapter (24) of [ profile] shoebox_project is up :) It is verreh, verreh amusing, and I strongly urge going and reading it (as well as all of its predecessors). I have also made a few text icons from it. Should anyone wish to use the icons, that is cool, but please remember to CREDIT [ profile] shoebox_project for the material. It is theirs, they are geniuses, they deserve it :)

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by


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