Jan. 9th, 2013 09:57 pm
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Today, I learned that half my coworkers didn't know what the letters of GLBTQ stand for, beyond the 'G' and 'L'. And also that asexuality exists.

Oh my!

Sep. 4th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Guys! I had the worst workweek in a long, long, long time last week. There were actual tears of frustration and anger and ARGH.

But my weekend? so much better!

I listened to some AMAZING podfic, including one that I wasn't sure I should read since I was fairly certain it was going to make me cry, and it did make me cry but it was so wonderful written and read and I was really swept away by it.

And then today? I went with a small group of family and friends to see Wicked and it was amazing. And I mean AMAZING. I've barely been able to stop smiling and humming since we got back. I was blown away and I am now in love.

I have tomorrow off of work and will likely spend the majority of its hours with my family and doing homework. I dread going back to work on Tuesday. Dread. For real. I don't want to let this happy-weekend feeling go.


Jul. 10th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Sadly, there will be no Gleecap updates for a day or three. I've exhausted my stash of them for the moment and need a few days to rebuild. I've got almost-days-off coming up later this week though (in a row! It is terribly exciting.) so I hope to watch more. I'm so close to finishing season one and I'm curious how things will all fall out. I mean, Figgins did threaten to shut down the club if they didn't win the competition, and there is a season 2 (the first part's DVDs are currently sitting on my DVD shelf to prove it) so I guess that's kind of a no-brainer, but still. So many shenanigans left!

I'm kind of enjoying not knowing a whole lot about what's going on in this part of the show. I'm hoping my enthusiasm continues even as we get to the later parts of the second season where I've seen some of the episodes already so I don't have as many surprises in store for me.

I'm also wondering how my gleecaps would have been different if I didn't know anything at all about the future of the show. Like, would I have hated Puck more if I didn't know that he kinda simmers down a bit and is less of an ass? Would I have been more outraged about poor Kurt never getting any action if I didn't know that Darren Criss was gonna warbler his way into the poor boy's life?

Anyways, we shall see.

In other news, I went to a con today! It was fun. My co-con-goer friend cosplayed as Misa from Death Note and she was awesome. It was her first con and she pulled together her costume for $23 including kick-ass $5 boots and she looks fantastic. I am in awe. I was not dressed up in any fun way at all, which is sad. Oh well. Even if I had planned a decent cosplay costume I've been too busy and exhausted lately to even try to pull it off.

We have plans to try to figure out good costumes for next year, though. I would love to go as Sherlock and John, as would she. The problem is that the boys in the first series are definitely dressed for cold weather sleuthing and it is a very warm-weather con. Fluffy jumpers are not good for this con. Heh. I was also thinking of River Song from DW, though she doesn't have a really iconic outfit to choose from, other than the space suit from her first sighting, and I don't wanna do that. I've got the hair for her, so that's a start. Same with Kaylee from Firefly, I'm not sure which of her "looks" to choose from, but I do have a cute parasol already. Ooooh, or Mycroft Holmes! A sharp suit, a smug expression, and an umbrella! That would be perfect! OOOH! Or IDRIS! OMG! I would LOVE to be Idris! The costume would be tough to make though. I think I'd have to sew it rather than just collect pre-made pieces like I could get away with for Mycroft or John or Kaylee. I do not sew well. At all.

I bought about 4 boxes of pocky (POCKY!) and one of the Fushigi Yugi mangas I didn't have yet, as well as 2 t-shirts. One of the tardis (it is sparkly!) and one of Maslow's hierarchy of zombie needs. I can post pictures later this week is anyone wants.

Anyways, after the con friend and I returned to my place and ate dinner (roasted eggplant and brussel sprouts, and channa masala) while watching the live-action Death Note movies. 'Twas fun and heart-wrenching.

All in all a good day off. Wish I could have more than just one day, but I must be patient. That time will come.

OHOHOH! And I now am the proud recipient of KURT AND MERCEDES VOGUE WALLPAPER! Heee! I am kind of amazed that people find the recaps entertaining enough to read, and now [ profile] dizilla has rocked my world with a desktop after a I drooled a couple recaps ago. Squee!

Life stuff

May. 31st, 2011 10:25 pm
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I have had a lovely time off and now head back to work tomorrow. The countdown to vacatin has begun, however. I have 5 shifts and a conference to go. I've totally got this. I think.

My mini-break consisted of:
Thursday - visited with a friend and admired her new house

Friday - had a friend over to introduce her to Sherlock and for her to introduce me to Downton Abbey, the show for which my slash goggles are apparently unneeded.

Saturday - Visited with another group of friends to catch up and exchange presents. I gave them their Christmas presents (nope, I am not kidding. We have issues getting things like this actually accomplished) which were smartass t-shirts. For christmas I received a lovely tea/coffee mug set and for my birthday received a tea history/cookbook and gift certificate to Teavana. I am excited. We all went out for dinner at an awesome Indian restaurant and did a family-style meal thing which I enjoy because I dig variety and trying new things.

Sunday - Spent the day with my parents. We went to the casino where I proceeded to lose my money over the course of a few hours (though at least I made it last that long, I suppose), and did meet some nice people who taught me to play Let It Ride. They were sad for me when I did not display any form of beginner's luck. I was also deeply resented when I sat down to play backjack and everyone at the table suddenly starting doing well except for one person who did poorly. This is why I do not enjoy blackjack these days, even though it was previously the only table game I'd play. Since there are apparently "rules" that one must play by and I do not understand those rules, I am apparently doomed to be hated. Oh well.

After lunch (both my parents were up so they paid) we decided to make one last trip through the table section. I sat down at an empty table to play one last likely ill-advised game of Let It Ride and show my mom how it worked. I put down my bets, including the extra 3-card bonus bet, and get my cards: 3-3-3. Yup, I picked up triple threes right off the bat. So in one play I won back what I'd lost earlier and come out on top by a bit. I decided it was time to go after that and was very happy at this very unlikely event :) Clearly I have reached the pinnacle of my gambling awesome and should probably not go back again since it is all downhill from here.

Monday: I worked for 4 hours for a friend. I spent the first 2 hours cleaning up all the things that hadn't been done prior to my arrival, along with my regular work-things, so I was a bit miffed at that. I am telling myself that stuff happens, however, which it DOES, and not wallowing.

Tuesday: Wherein I tried to do ALL THE THINGS! And was partially successful. I finished my CV and mailed it off, and sent another necessary piece to the grad school application. I applied to the grad school itself (I'd already applied to the specific committee for the program I would be pursuing) and have 2/3 of my recommendations as well as my official transcript. I have gently reminded my 3rd rec. I still need to prove my residency and request days off at work and write out my statement of purpose, which scares me. I don't know what my statement of purpose is other than, "Let me in please, I iz wantings to luuuuurn." I suspect that I should not use that as my opening statement, however.

I have tea and fic posts to do, but I also need to sleep. Sleep would be good. Why have I been exhausted all day, only to be unable to sleep now? NOT FAIR!
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Since the past three days have been absolute madness, I decided not to drive over an hour to the LARP event I'd planned to attend this weekend and run around outside in the possible rain hitting people with plumbing supplies. Part of me is sad to miss out on seeing my friends and actually getting to an event. The other part of me is so happy to not be in the car and driving places, and to have at-will access to internet and fic.

So I got a haircut (and we found my first white hair! That is sort of cool. We'll see how I feel when said white hair invites friends over). I have a trim and unexpected!highlights. Unexpected how, you may ask. Well, since there was some of the bleachy-whatever stuff leftover from my mom's highlights, we (my mom's friend D) decided to experiment a bit. And now I have highlights. Only a few, comparatively, I'm told, but still. I looked like an armadillo a bit there with the foil things in.

Now I am watching the rest of Sherlock with my parents (My mom digs it, my dad likes it, but I think he's having trouble with the fast-talking people with accents and unfamiliar slang - but he's still here watching it with us, and LOVED the wall bit at the beginning of ep 3). We are getting takeout for dinner - nom! There are scallion pancakes in my future and all is well.

I want to bake something, but don't know what.

I am hoping that H will be coming over tonight to continue our Miyazaki-moviefest. We've seen Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle. I believe Spirited Away is next.
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I am sitting on the couch in my living room with the sliding door and window open, offering some wonderful cross-ventilation, listening to birds chirp and itunes play me lovely music, and enjoying tea my first cup of tea exchange tea.

The amazing [ profile] incognito sent me so many amazing looking and smelling teas and I cannot wait to try them all. The first one I've tried is Forest Berries. Yes, I am drinking black tea at nearly 7pm, what of it?

Cut for pics )


In other news, I am apparently writing fic in the Sherlock (BBC) fandom now. Save me?


In other other news, someone asked me if they could do a podfic of one of my stories. This gave me such a happy, people, I cannot even tell you. *swoons*


More news: After a really hard several days at work, I am in the middle of several consecutive days off and it is divine. Next week I have two days of work and then a two-day conference amidst several more days off. I am considering this a win given that, even though it's a work-related conference, it's still not being at work. Methinks that the past month-plus of crappy schedules and extra time have taken their toll on my enthusiasm and energy levels. Days off are wonderful.
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Today I am happy because of my friends.

I hosted a small party today and had the opportunity to enjoy spending time with some fun and interesting people that I get to call my friends. There was lots of joking around, laughter, and stories (and lots and lots of food prepared by yours truly, but more on that another day).

So for today I am going to write a small blurb about how I met some of my closest friends.

Storytime! )


Jun. 25th, 2010 02:45 pm
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I am currently in Paris. Life is good :)
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So I finally finished one of my WiPs. I need to give it a good strong polishing, but at least the meat of it is done. Why can't I bring myself to just do it? I don't know. I figured I just needed a bit of distance following finishing that draft and starting the polish so I walked away from it for most of the day. Doing other stuff so I can look at it with fresher eyes is always a good idea anyways.

Only now I can't even bring myself to look at the file.

I also need to be packing, and dealing with a few issues that have popped up this weekend, and doing some massive cleaning to prep for guests.

On a positive note, I did go out for a lovely dinner with my parents, so that is a nice thing.
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...and that's all there is to say about it.
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Spent part of my evening eating my mother's delicious potato salad and making dipped shortbread cookies. *nom nom nom*

I also finished reading a book in a series that I enjoy by Ilona Andrews (paranormal urban fantasy sort of thing with magic, vampires, shapeshifters/weres, etc) called Magic Bleeds. Most of my reading-for-enjoyment lately has been online fanfic, so my actual paper-book reading has suffered. It's nice to have read, finished, and enjoyed a "real" book. I'm thinking of reading Mansfield Park next.

My two [ profile] bridge2sickbay offerings are below. This week's theme was: AU

I find AUs challenging. Not in an "I hate them and never want to do them" way, since I actually do really like reading them, but in an "Oh stars this is hard way. Practice, practice, practice, right? This will make two of my WIPs rather challenging, however, as they are AUs...

Anyways, allons-y!


Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - AU in which Jim has a twin (Sam)
Possibilities; McCoy, Kirk, Sam Kirk, PG-13 )


Prompt: Pike, Kirk, McCoy - Jane Austen-ish AU
Elegance and Expectations; McCoy, Uhura, (Pike/Kirk/McCoy), PG )


I'm working tomorrow but then have three days off - woo!

Also, anyone up for a beta? Star Trek, Pike/McCoy, R(ish), short(ish)
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Well, though I got canceled for part of my shift I've just found out I've got to drag myself in for the rest of it. I was able to get some sleep today, so that's a plus.

[ profile] bridge2sickbay ficlets below! This week's theme was Spring!

Prompt: McCoy, Joanna - Playing in the sprinklers
Family Matters; Kirk/McCoy, Joanna, G )

Prompt: Uhura, Gaila – Butterflies
Jeweltones; Uhura/Gaila, G )

Prompt: Pike, McCoy - Spring Fever
Spring Fever; Pike/McCoy, R, (Yeah, it's a wee bit porny) )


And now I am going to get ready for work and pack my lunch up. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...

PS: Anyone want to write me Kirk/McCoy comment fic/comment porn to cheer me up when I get home in the morning?


May. 9th, 2010 07:58 pm
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Was canceled for 4 hours of my shift tonight. This means I got to spend more time at mother's day dinner with my family and and can try to sneak in a little time at B2S tonight. Whee!

La de dah

May. 6th, 2010 08:50 pm
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So I'm currently sitting in a hotel room with a coworker and hanging out. We are at a 2-day conference and decided to stay local to the conference site rather than deal with the rush-hour driving back and forth between home(s) and the conference center. She let me play with her iTouch and now I kinda really want one badly. As we are constantly being canceled from shifts at work my paychecks have not exactly been supportive of impulse purchases of this magnitude. Ah well, it'll go on the "save for" list and perhaps someday be indulged in :)

Upon my return home tomorrow afternoon I will need to try really hard to take a nap for a couple of hours so that I may survive staying up as late as possible tomorrow night. Why? Because I have to work nights this weekend (And believe me, I did not volunteer for this, this weekend) and am trying to switch my schedule over really quickly. It will suck and I'll spend most of next week recovering, but I'll have to suck it up because it is, after all, my job. C'est la vie. Sadly, it means that with [ profile] bridge2sickbay's new later hours I will not be able to participate this week.

I'm trying to dredge up the energy to force myself to concentrate on one of my multiple WiP fics, but failing at that since I think right now I'd really rather read the new Charlaine Harris book. Or take a shower. Haven't yet decided which.
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So my plans for tomorrow and Saturday fell through. I'm sad not to get the opportunity to visit a friend, but happy to not have to drive 3 hours so that I can help move furniture and clean stuff. It also means that I cannot beg/borrow/steal her tasty chicken recipes that I've been coveting for over a year now. Sadness.

Instead I will probably be a bum and do absolutely nothing. I'm not entirely against the "nothing" plan. ;)

Still have a class tomorrow though. Semi-early, woe.
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Urgh. What a long day. Just a steady level of busy all day that leaves me with sore feet and a tired mind (and body!).

Wasn't a bad day, though. Just busy.

Also? It was so darn windy this morning that my umbrella was nearly ripped out of my hand. It was turned inside out and half the joints are now broken. *sadface* So now I need to go buy a new umbrella. Preferably one with staying power since I work at the top of a hill and don't get to park in the lots closest to the building.

Now I have a choice. I am warming up my bed (yay electric blanket!) and taking a shower. After that I can either try to go to sleep like a good little doobie (so I can get up again tomorrow and be busy) or I can stay up rather later than is wise for feeling good tomorrow and read fic from my backlog. Hmmm, which option do you think I'll choose?
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So, I am sick. I've been sick since mid-Monday. I've missed 2 days of work, was feeling rather craptastic during my parents wedding ceremony (Why yes, it was adorable, thanks for asking :D ), and am not getting better yet. This last bit is unusual for me since usually any ill feelings this time of year is generally allergy-related and goes way once I start medicating myself properly. Well, I'm medicated and still feeling crappy. I'm kind of concerned that I'm headed in the direction of a sinus infection (or am perhaps already there, but in denial - don't take my denial away from me!)

Anyways, the main reason for this post, despite the wordcount of the above whining, is to rec an excellent fic that I adore and want to hug and squee over endlessly. It is Corresponding Shapes (Kirk/McCoy, R) by [ profile] savoytruffle. In fact, I'm going to make tea (or take a nap, or both) and take some more meds and then reread it. Because once through cheered me up, twice through can only improve upon the effects, right?
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So, I was offered the morning and early afternoon portion of my shift off, with the potential for getting the late afternoon portion off as well. Normally when I accept this offer I call around 1pm to find out if I've got the rest of the shift off as well, and typically I don't (sadface) and have to go in. This means that I can't make any significant plans because I typically have to be back at work in the afternoon. Lately I've been turning down the opportunity, but today I accepted.

I lazed around in the morning a bit and actually managed to fall back asleep (typically the act of talking on the phone, even for the two minutes it takes to accept or reject the offer, is enough to get me awake and alert with no hope of more sleep) and get a few extra hours, which was delightful. I got up, did some dishes, made some espresso chocolate chip cookies, played with the dog, and tooled around on the kinkmeme trying to find something to write (and I did find something I like! Woot!).

And now, amazingly, I've found that I get the rest of the day off too. Joy :)

I am deciding between going out for coffee (breaking my caffeine after 2pm rule, but I'm not working tomorrow, and I've already shot my sleeping schedule by sleeping in anyways, so I'm not caring at the moment) and reading or writing away from the house for a change or going to Barnes & Noble and buying two of the Doctor Who specials that I hadn't realized had been released until 2 days ago.

Decisions, decisions...

I am in a rather good mood today, can you tell?

Crappy day

Dec. 15th, 2009 09:41 pm
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I have had a rather crappy day at work, which caps off a rather crappy few days in general.

Anyone got any cheer-up links, fics, vids, jokes, etc to share? I would really appreciate them.
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I have a "to read" list of fic that is of considerable size. Since the emergence of my interest in Star Trek fandom, that list has exploded. I don't even know when or how I can possibly catch up.

I suppose this is one of the more fun "problems" I could be having ;)

I think this may be one of my vacation projects. The weather forecast suggests that my vacation might not be entirely rained out, however considering the ridiculous amount of rain we've been having lately, I'm not entirely believing the reports. It's good to have an alternative plan.


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