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I feel the need to preface this by saying that I cannot stand Rebecca Black's song "Friday". I feel like I get noticeably dumber every time I hear the part where she lists off the order of the days of the week to us all, especially.

That aside, a friend posted this on facebook and I could not help but click on it because, really? Harry Potter and "Friday"? How could this possible be?

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I had such a great time at the midnight showing of the newest and final Harry Potter movie. We had a great audience to watch it with.

So many wibble scenes. So many "Hell, yeah!" scenes. Couldn't wait for the Bellatrix and Molly fight. "Not my daughter, you bitch!"
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Title: Released by the Moon
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] wellymuck with inspiration from April 5th's prompt. Feedback and concrit are adored.

The wolf doesn’t think in the way of men. )
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A tiny half-drabble written from the April 4th prompt in [ profile] wellymuck.

It is a good day
When one discovers
While lying on the new grass
Gazing at the bluest sky in memory
The languorous sun kissing winter-pale skin
With blossoms floating down like weightless rain
And your stomach a pillow for your friend-lover-conspirator

That these are the best of times
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Title: Layers
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: light R, just in case
Author's Note: A short offering based upon [ profile] wellymuck's April 3rd prompt. Cut for suggestiveness ;)

Layers )
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Title: Completion
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: very light R
Summary: The inevitable is not always so, when Sirius Black is involved.
Author’s note: Inspired by [ profile] wellymuck’s April 2nd prompt. Betaed with speed and perception by [ profile] amor_remanet. This style is an experiment, so any and all feedback is appreciated.

Life and living have a cycle, a relentless rhythm that carries one along until it is through with you, and then you come to the end. )
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It took me all day to think of something appropriate to help celebrate both April Fool's and the start of [ profile] wellymuck. I ended up borrowing lightly from an idea I used back in [ profile] scarvesnhats.

Title: Something About Gryffindors, Part II
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Rating: PG-13 for a wee bit of language
Summary: A mildly exasperated Madam Pomfrey tends to her first victims of the day.
Author's Noted: Feedback is always appreciated, as I've been struggling in the throes of writer's block for nearly a month now, and I could use all the help I can get.

Something About Gryffindors, Part II )
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My very first post using my shiny new laptop. So wonderful. It actually works, and tends to actually do what I tell it to, a novel concept, I assure you. What is not so wonderful is the process of transferring everything from my old laptop to this new one. Oy, headache.

In honor of my birthday, and to christen the new computer, I had wanted to write a new fic, however the muse has not been kind to me of late. I can do the next best thing, however, now that the reveal for [ profile] remus_reads has occurred :)

First, however, I would like to pimp out the fic that I received in the exchange: Raindrops on Noses by [ profile] nohwrah. I've linked you to the posting at her journal, rather than the community's journal so that should you want to comment on it, she will receive it more easily. This story is a lovely fic written from my prompts of: teasing conversations and hopeful endings. It is Remus/Sirius, G, MWPP-era, and quite enjoyable.

My contribution to the exchange is below, but before I get to that, a bit of background... It was written for [ profile] nohwrah (Funny how that turned out :) ), with the prompts: smoking!sirius and unrequited love being requited. The minimum word count for this exchange was 200 words, however once I got started I couldn't stop. It just got completely out of hand :-D I think the prompts given were perfect - enough to give me a starting point without being restrictive of my imagination. I'm sure there are still rough spots in there, so feel free to point out any errors, or question anything you'd like - I love constructive criticism. I also had a second beta, [ profile] rissabby, in addition to the always-wonderful [ profile] amor_remanet, whose comments and suggestions were added to the version of the fic I'm posting now, so... thanks to wonderful, lovely, understanding, and patient betas!

Title: Sheer Madness of the Marauder Sort
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Remus/Sirius
Warning(s): Hmmm, heights and smoking?
A/N: This fic was written for [ profile] nohwrah for the [ profile] remus_reads fic exchange to celebrate Remus Lupin's birthday. It was-betaed by the ever-talented [ profile] amor_remanet and [ profile] rissabby, whose help and humor are invaluable.

It was the smoke that gave Sirius away... )
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Also, before I forget- the fics I received. Fics, you say? Plural?

Why yes. I got two :-D

Train-Bound Tryst by [ profile] theladyfeylene, James/Lily, NC-17
Just an Accident by [ profile] sise5, Remus/Lily, NC-17
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Written for [ profile] wizard_love. The community's explanation/intro post can be found here. My story there can be found here.

Title: A Moment of Silence
Author: [ profile] exiled_mind
Recipient’s LJ name: [ profile] le_calmar_geant
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Remus/Tonks
Word Count: 1251
Warnings (if any): heights, really light bondage, outdoors!canoodling, mild angst
Authors notes: Many thanks to [ profile] amor_remanet for being such a fantastic beta. She is deserving of cocoa and appreciation. I managed to hit a few of [ profile] le_calmar_geant's requests, working in the outdoors smut, really light bondage, and even managed to dial down the angst (an impressive feat for me :) ). Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Although the moon was waning… )
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Yay! [ profile] remus_reads fic finished, betaed, and sent off to the mods :) I'm actually meeting a deadline well before it's due. Very exciting for me, I assure you.

Hmmmm, what next? So many bunnies, so little time... I'm thinking I'll go read some fic, starting with a rec from [ profile] amor_remanet :)
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For [ profile] eledhwenlin, who has much on her mind. If only I could really send Percy and Oliver to help out. Although in that case I might want to borrow Oliver, and that wouldn't be nice of me...

"Quidditch champions often share similar qualities," he stated, readjusting crooked glasses upon freckled nose. "Of note, are pride, determination, speed, stamina, and athleticism. Those who achieve the title of Captain may add intelligence, shrewdness, and organization to the aforementioned list. These, together, are a winning combination."

"Is that so?" A sun-kissed hand tugged a lock of flame-bright hair astray.

"Indeed, according to Ecklethwait and Brewster, at least." He placed the book carefully and neatly on the bedside table, placing his folded glasses atop it.

"Must have some merit, then. If it weren't for those qualities, I might not've won you."
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[ profile] shackinup_sesa authors have been revealed :) I encourage anyone interested in Remus/Sirius and good fanfic to go take a look - there are some masterful stories collected there this year. I especially want to pimp out [ profile] lorrainemarker, who wrote Love in Darkness from my prompt wishes. A real treat to read, and very moving.

Also, [ profile] blanketforts is up and in full swing (or so my ages long friend's list tells me. This is the first real chance I've had to do any real LJing since starting work (oy - the exhaustion is unreal, I get home and collapse), however since I work 12 hour night shifts, I have the next four days off, and lots of time (theoretically) to fill :) I'm hoping to catch up properly. So... yeah, back to the point - go check out [ profile] blanketforts for your month of January Remus/Sirius needs.
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Oh, and because I am absentminded (although in my defense I've been in distracted and in pain since yesterday afternoon) I forgot to link to the [ profile] shackinup_sesa that I received, and so, without further ado, Love in Darkness. It is lovely, and sad, and touching, and thank you mystery-author :) I will link to it again when I find out the author, which I believe will happen on the 1st of January.
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The newest chapter (24) of [ profile] shoebox_project is up :) It is verreh, verreh amusing, and I strongly urge going and reading it (as well as all of its predecessors). I have also made a few text icons from it. Should anyone wish to use the icons, that is cool, but please remember to CREDIT [ profile] shoebox_project for the material. It is theirs, they are geniuses, they deserve it :)

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
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Title: The Great Christmas Card Caper
Pairing/Characters: Remus/Sirius, James, Peter, Lily
Rating: R
A/N: Written for [ profile] violet_quill's Make the Yuletide Gay challenge. My prompt was "Christmas Cards". Many, many thanks to [ profile] amor_remanet and [ profile] _storm_chaser_ for valiantly agreeing to beta at the last minute.

When James and Sirius arrived - late - to breakfast on the last day before the Christmas holidays with ear-to-ear grins splitting their faces, Remus immediately narrowed his eyes at them, suspicion written clearly across his features. )
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My roommate is my master (mistress?)
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Written for [ profile] remus_reads. The prompt was: Remus puts himself up for something that he knows could prove fatal.

The Day Remus Lupin Decides that he is Definitely Crazy )
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Remus was dragging Sirius (by his tie, a more efficient guide than even a leash on Padfoot) off to a more secluded area of the library when he noticed James sitting alone in a large stuffed chair off in the corner, half-hidden by shelves. James? Studying in the library? Since whe- oh.

Although James had an open book on his lap, it was clear from his wandering eyes that his attention was on something other than his studies. Or, more accurately, someone.

The pretty redhead with glinting green eyes sat around a table with several other students discussing the latest charms homework. It seemed, however, that the normally focused and studious Lily Evans was having her own trouble concentrating on work. Her eyes repeatedly drifted over in the direction of James' seat, although she continually caught herself and forced her attention back to task.

Interesting... Remus thought, before a quick kiss from Sirius turned his attention back to his own mission.

Half-an-hour later, a far more disheveled Moony and Padfoot paused in the process of sauntering out from behind the shelves when Remus noticed that the group of students were all stacking their books and notes - likely off to the Great Hall for lunch - and walking out the door. All except for Lily. Remus held out an arm to stop Sirius before they came fully into view around the corner and motioned for him to be quiet, which Sirius obeyed despite obvious puzzlement.

Making an excuse about needing to find one more text, Lily turned back and surveyed the nearly empty library with a small smile before striding over to where James sat, still failing to hide the direction of his interest. As she reached him, James’ eyes widened and he held his hands up in an "I'm innocent!" gesture exclaiming, “Lily, I didn't-!"

James protest was interrupted by Lily’s hands grasping the collar of his shirt as she bent over him and her lips cutting off his sentence as they plunged down to meet his.

Remus felt as if his eyes were going to fall out of his head. He heard Sirius make a strangled gasping sound next to him and jabbed his elbow into Sirius’ ribs in warning.

A first-year peeked out from behind a giant stack of books, squeaked, and dove back into the safety of her studies.

The book James had been pretending to read slipped off his lap and onto the floor with a muffled thud.

And the kiss went on. Gradually it softened, sweetened. James raised a hand, reaching for Lily, but she released his collar and caught his hand in hers, pressing it back down onto the arm of the chair. Her other hand moved up and she threaded her fingers through his messy hair before settling to play with the tendrils at the nape of his neck.

The kiss finally ended when Lily pulled away from James, leaving him speechless, and with a rather stunned expression on his face. She, too, wore an expression of surprise, although hers was tinged with amusement as well. She pressed the fingertips of one hand to her smiling, reddened lips and gazed at the thunderstruck James for a long moment before turning away with a swish of her long hair and exiting the library.

James’ mouth opened and closed soundlessly several times, before cracking into a wide smile and bounding out of the chair. He let out an elated whoop and sprinted out of the library at top speed, leaving an abandoned book, an amazed Sirius, and a laughing Remus behind him.


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