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Well, this started out intending to be a very short bit of PWP. It didn't go as planned. More talking and less sex than I'd initially planned on. Not that I'm complaining though. I've turned out so little lately that I'm impressed that I wrote even this much. I may post it to [ profile] dogdaysofsummer in the morning, although it doesn't follow any particular prompt.

Let's see...

Title: Now is Not the Time for Thinking
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rated: Some adult content
Genre: Erm, rather angsty
Length: 1700-1800 words
Disclaimer: Not mine (if only!), characters and the HP world belong to JKR. I make no profit off of this work, it is for enjoyment only.
Summary: In a brief interlude at Hogwarts before the official start of term, Remus is plagued by distressing thoughts and Sirius is tired of watching him wallow in a depression.

Remus closed his eyes against the harsh glare of the sun reflecting off of the lake. It didn't help. He could still sense the light, the warmth, the beckoning of the serene water. Well, serene save for the occasional tentacle spearing up from below.

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This is my first story in a very long time. I quite like it, for all that I'm nervous about posting my work for anyone to see. Let's just say that, if anything, my self-confidence when it comes to my writing decreased in my long break from this form of creative outlet.

This is also my very first Remus/Sirius fic. I find that I quite like these two fellows, in all their many incarnations.

Background: The idea sprung from the Aug 2 prompt in [ profile] dogdaysofsummer. Also posted here.
Comments are adored and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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