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Some of the books I am looking forward to reading can be found below. Share with me what's on your reading list, or others you would recommend I try :)

Matched by Ally Condie

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop
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So I have had quite the busy/crazy early weekend (major preparation for a LARP feast I assist in the throwing of on Saturday, so Thursday through the wee hours of Sunday were rather hectic), and then the crash afterwards which wound up with me relaxing on Sunday, sleeping a full night through sunday night, and then STILL doing far more napping than being awake today. And even in the few awake periods today, I wasn't exactly operating with all cylinders.

I am hoping that this is just my body's way of recovering lost energy and such, rather than the early stages of the death-blargh that everyone and their brother seem to have developed and are readily sharing with everyone they know.

Anyways, I need to do a few days of happiness catch-up, starting off with a few of the recipes that were prepared for the feast the other day.

Oreo truffles )

Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese )

Onion focaccia bread )
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So day eleven is going up late because Yesterday was spent cooking ALLLLLL day for a LARP feast today and being ON TIME for once in my life with my cooking schedule. And then the main cooking/prep group of people told us that they were really, horribly behind. So my cooking buddy and I hopped into my car and drove 40 minutes to their base of operations, cooked with them for 4 semi-disastrous hours, drove home 40 minutes (arriving at 2am and well past DoH time), and then still had to finish OUR stuff that we were no longer on time for.

I went to bed at 4am. After eating a mocha cupcake. My brain is not operational at the moment as a result.

So Cliff's Notes version: Day Eleven is today :)

I don't generally take what opportunity I have to watch much TV (preferring, generally, to indulge in fandom as my relaxation outlet), as well as having only the most basic of cable, but here are a few of the shows that I do follow, as well as ones I'd like to start watching at some point in time and space.

Doctor Who
Sherlock (BBC)
Game of Thrones (I have completed season 1 so far)

Want to watch:
Finish Stargate Atlantis
Downton Abbey

When browsing through the channels at places that have lots of them, I can also be well satisfied with home renovation and house-hunting programs, some cooking programs (wherein people are cooking for fun or in fun competition, not the type with scary people yelling at others and kicking them off the kitchen island and such), and stand-up comedy.

So that's me, what are yo all watching, wanting to watch, wanting to avoid like the plague?
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I spend SO MUCH of my chill time idly watching youtube videos as my way to wind down. Here are a few of my favorite Youtube channels and an example of the nifty vids you can find there.

Youtubin'? )
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A few of the movies that I am looking forward to...

Movie posters or mockups )
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Instrumental pieces that I adore may be found below.

More mooooosic )
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I enjoy gifs, macros, photos... anything that will get me to crack a smile after a long day. Here are some of the gif or gifsets that I enjoy quite a lot.

Gifs! )
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I like baking and cooking, and love learning how to make new things myself. A friend of mine showed me her homemade vanilla extract that she uses in her baking and I wanted to give it a try, given that it isn't actually a difficult process. After about a month and a half of not actually getting started with this project despite having bought all 2 of the ingredients, I finally did the deed today. Hopefully in 6-8 weeks I will have a giant bottle of vanilla extract of my very own creation to use :)

Lots of cheap vodka (I had a 750ml bottle because that's the smallest cheap bottle the package store I went to had)
6 vanilla beans (mine are Mexican vanilla beans that I bought at Penzey's Spices. I am told that there are a variety of different kinds of vanilla beans, and that they can be found more affordably online, though Penzey's was definitely better than Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and my grocery store).

Pour off a little vodka if the level of the liquid is very near the top of the bottle, otherwise don't worry about it.
Cut the vanilla beans lengthwise.
Stuff the beans into the vodka bottle and recap.
Invert/shake the bottle once a week for at least 6-8 weeks and watch as it gains more and more color.

Enjoy when baking. As you use up or give away the vanilla, buy more vodka and add to the partial bottle, thereby making more vanilla extract.

Pics )
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Here, have some songs that I adore and have been listening to over and over again...

Mooooosic )

Share some of your favs, if you so desire. I would love to hear them.
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Mindless and semi-mindless games are one of the ways I chill out after a long (long looooooooong) day at work when I just want to veg a bit as a settle down. To this end, I have been fond of these games:

Z-type: A typing speed and accuracy game.

Casanova: Kissing giraffes and cute (though repetitive) music.

Bejeweled: Matching and strategy and 'splosions and mini quests. I play the version attached to facebook and I am currently addicted.

Silk: Not a competition-type game, but more of a Make Pretty Things! type of game. Very soothing.
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I loved The Avengers.


More than I can express properly in text, even. It led me to finally seeing and adoring Iron Man and Captain America, and appreciating Thor more than I had when I saw it the first time without realizing it was connected to anything. It is even making me consider watching the Hulk movie at some point. It has also opened me to new fic, art, vids, etc.

I have basically been diving into a sea of Avengers fanstuff nearly exclusively for months. This was entirely uncharted territory for me, having zero prior knowledge or exposure to this fandom.

I also love [ profile] cleolinda and her Movies in Fifteen Minutes over at [ profile] m15m. Always good for a chuckle and reliable in brightening my day.

What do you get when you put these things together?

The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes

And a very happy me.

An excerpt from the work can be found below:

Read more... )

If anyone has suggestions for fic, vids, art, etc, I would love any and all recs. I ship pretty much everyone with everyone and love gen too. I could also use some suggestions for avengers/marvel LJ icons, so help in that area would also be fabulous :)
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Today's happy? Podfic! The discovery of podfic has made my driving life infinitely more enjoyable. And my cleaning, cooking, exercising, relaxing... Let's just say that the list goes on and I'm an addict. Some of my favorites are listed and linked below.

[ profile] revolutionaryjo has read three of my favorite podfic.

Stealing Harry by [ profile] copperbadge(aka [ profile] sam_storyteller) (Harry Potter; Remus/Sirius, R, 9+ hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

You'll Get There In The End (It Just Takes A While)"> by [ profile] seperis (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock, NC-17, 3+ hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

A Truth That's Told With Bad Intent by lj user="nikki4noo"> (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, ~3 hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

[ profile] reena_jenkins is responsible for a lot of the podfic on my iPod. Among my favorites (well, they're all my favorites, but I had to narrow it down for space considerations...)

Just Another Waveform Collapse by [ profile] queenzulu (SGA/Firefly crossover; Team gen, PG, 24 minutes) can be found here.

Knives in the Water by [ profile] green_postit (Star Trek Reboot AU; Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, warnings!, ~2 hours) can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

Scenes From An Accidental Courtship/A (Making) Love Scene by [ profile] torakowalski (SGA; Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, 1+ hour) can be found here and are also available as mp3s.

James and the Giant Ship by [ profile] blcwriter (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk gen, PG-13, 24 minutes) is read by [ profile] hiding_places and can be found here.

The Illogical Series by [ profile] waldorph (Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock, others, NC-17, 11+ hours) is read by [ profile] 2naonh3_cl2 and can be found here. It is also available as mp3s.

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by [ profile] lazulisong (Star Trek Reboot, James Kirk & ensemble gen, PG-13, 1+ hours) is read by [ profile] templemarker and can be found here. It is also available as an mp3.

The Nantucket AU by [ profile] sheafrotherdon, [ profile] dogeared, [ profile] siriaeve, and [ profile] aesc (SGA AU, Sheppard/McKay, NC-17, 5+ hours) is read by [ profile] the_oscar_cat and can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

Pocket Watch Boy by [ profile] mhalachaiswords (Torchwood; Jack/Ianto, PG-13, 2+ hours) is read by [ profile] paraka and can be found here and is also available as an mp3.

Small Primes and Square Roots by [ profile] liviapenn (SGA; Sheppard/McKay, R, 1+ hours) is read by [ profile] cookiemom6067 and can be found here. It is also available as an mp3.
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Today's happy is simple: sleep!
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Today's happy things are a few of my favorite pictures from Paris d'amour.

More )
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Today's happy is: mail!

Thank you to [ profile] wesleysgirl, [ profile] syredronning, and [ profile] lauriegilbert for my lovely holiday cards!
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Merry Christmas! Today's happy is my family. My family decided to hold off on Christmas celebrations until I got out of work, so we all got together for a late Christmas dinner, gift exchange, and movie watching.

Bonus happy? My Christmas present:

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Today was a rough day, so I was worried that I'd have trouble deciding on a good happy thing. I searched my mind and thought that this one was a pretty damn good one since it practically makes me tear up every time I hear it. I can honestly say that it helped restore my faith in humanity when I heard it the first time. Today's happy, therefore, is this story.

It was a dark and stormy night... )
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Today's happy is: Christmas and winter music.

Check them out! )


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