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Clearly it doesn't take much to amuse me these days. Also, I think I might have a crush on the My Drunk Kitchen host.
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Anyone familiar with Battlestar Galactica (reboot) and willing to glance at a ficlet? I don't have the episodes I need to do some quick fact-checking and want to find out if I've completely bastardized canon or if it's a passable effort.
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These are samples of the pictures hung in the women's bathroom at the restaurant where I had lunch today.

Not exactly safe for work, I suppose )
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The remainder of my teas from the lovely [ profile] lauriegilbert...

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I got my act together this year and put up a stocking :) Mine can be found here. If you are involved in [ profile] fandom_stocking, drop me a line here with a link to yours!
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I have received more teas! My teas from [ profile] lauriegilbert arrived today and they are delightful. My whole kitchen smells like cherries right now. I have a happy house.

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Is there anyone who is familiar with BSG available to take a look at a short drabble/ficlet thing for character and canon compliance? It turns out I don't own the DVD set I need to check a few things for accuracy...
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What on earth is 'gpoy' and how is it used in a sentence?
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Anyone interested in receiving a card from yours truly in the upcoming weeks? If so, let me know your contact info in a comment below (replies are screened) or at my email address: bluegeekem @ gmail .com
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You guys are wonderful and sussed out each of my pairings in the pairing meme! For those that guessed pairings and gave me prompts, I have been studiously working on writing drabbles. Damn, I missed writing. Clearly I need to ignore the towering mound of schoolwork in favor of screwing around more often, right? Right.

Without further ado, I give you:

For [ profile] shagungu
Prompt: Sherlock/John, and the skull

The Voyeur; Sherlock, Sherlock/John, R )


For [ profile] lauriegilbert
Prompt: Kirk/McCoy, telephone (See link for a description of the children's game "telephone" if you are unfamiliar with it)

Less Funny In Space; STXI, Kirk/McCoy, PG )


For [ profile] amor_remanet
Prompt: Kurt and Santana, either a tag to the latest episode [3x06] (for the angst or hurt/comfort), or something sweet and friendship-flavored

I'm Glad We Had This Talk; Glee, Kurt & Santana (implied Kurt/Blaine and Santana/Brittany), PG-13 )


Yes, I am aware that it's been a while. Thoughts are appreciated :)
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I've updated the pairing meme with extra clues. A writer of mysteries, I am not.
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I have received more teas! My teas from [ profile] abigail89 arrived yesterday and they are delightful. Once again, brand new teas, brand new tea shop. I'm lovin' this :)

My stash )
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I've updated the pairing meme to include the fandoms represented in the remaining clues. That help anyone out?
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I got my first tea in the mail on Saturday! I'm so excited. Sadly, due to my general blearghiness I had to wait until today to make my first cup(s) so as to properly appreciate them.

But now, the time has come! )
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Using descriptions, list up to 20 ships you love/support/stan for/etc.
Have flisters guess which ships you mean.

1. They first met when, while essentially brainwashed, she captured him and dragged him through a forest planet that sapped him of his abilities. Later, they fell in love, he trained her in the Force, and they traveled the galaxy together(ish). (I fangirled all over the place.) (Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade [Star Wars: EU]. Found by [ profile] florahart and [ profile] igrockspock)
2. He's been waiting for Him forever. He's so proud to be with Him.(Kurt/Blaine [Glee]. Found by [ profile] amor_remanet)
3. They made a habit of antagonizing each other, all whilst shooting long, soulful looks at one another and letting misunderstandings and pride get in their way. (Elizabeth Bennett/Mr. Darcy [Pride & Prejudice]. Found by [ profile] lauriegilbert)
4. A flask of booze was the start of a beautiful relationship.(Kirk/McCoy [STXI]. Found by [ profile] dizilla!)
5. >He showed Her everything and she helped him to see it anew. Allons-y! (Doctor/Rose [Doctor Who]. Found by [ profile] turtle_goose)
6. They smoldered at each other for years and had delicious UST. It's tough being assassins whose love is forbidden. (Nikita/Michael [La Femme Nikita]. Found by [ profile] dizilla!)
7. Coffee, pterodactyls, and naked hide-and-seek are just some of their dates. (Jack/Ianto [Torchwood]. Found by [ profile] eireinn)
8. She loves His stupid face and he'll never give up on her, no matter how long he must wait. (Amy/Rory [Doctor Who]. Found by [ profile] eireinn)
9. They are the classic odd couple, but they were made for each other. Besides, He's far better than a skull anyway. (Sherlock/John [Sherlock]. Found by [ profile] shagungu)
10. She put three bullets in His chest and he knew it was love. (Victoria/Ivan [Red]. Found by [ profile] dizilla!)
11. In their battle of immense intellect and will, only one survives amidst a growing body count and more than one demonic interference. Who said keeping a "diary" isn't dangerous? (Light/L [Death Note]. Found by [ profile] jactrades)
12. She always took Him where he needed to go. (The Doctor/Tardis [Doctor Who]. Found by [ profile] turtle_goose)
13. Brains, brawn, murder, and UST make a delicious combination, all at the Jeffersonian Institute. (Brennan/Booth [Bones]. Found by [ profile] jactrades)
14. She held a torch for him for a long while and he waited until the last possible moment to return her regard. "I mean to say." (Kaylee/Simon [Firefly]. Found by [ profile] amor_remanet)
15. He gave up his seat so more people could escape a devastated planet. She came back for him... sort of. Against all odds their love survived, and from them a new race of human was born. (Athena/Helo [Battlestar Galactica]. Found by [ profile] jactrades and [ profile] florahart)
16. They discovered a new phase of their lives together and fell under each others' spell. Sometimes literally. (Willow/Tara [BtVS]. Found by [ profile] amor_remanet)
17. Forever friends, despite supposed betrayal and a long separation. Wolves and dogs are totally meant to run together, right? (Remus/Sirius [Harry Potter]. Found by [ profile] jactrades and [ profile] florahart)
18. He was a fun and sweet soul. She is tough as nails. It wasn't love at first sight. She's torn up plenty, but she'll fly true. (Wash/Zoe [Firefly]. Found by [ profile] dizilla!)
19. They bicker a lot and it's adorable. He always has to play the hero and He always manages to pull a miracle plan out of that impressive brain of his. And I find it hilarious every time one says "Z" and the other says "Zed". Oh, Canadians. (John/Rodney [SGA]. Found by [ profile] florahart)
20. They are natural enemies who can't keep away from each other or deny their love, though being together proves to be his downfall. A moment of happiness, indeed. (Buffy/Angel [BtVS]. Found by [ profile] jactrades)

Update 11/23/11 @ 9:00pm: All have been found!

To sweeten the pot, I will offer tiny drabbles to anyone who figures out any of the above pairings. (Fandoms: Anything from the above listed fantoms; fandoms I've written before [STXI, HP, Glee, Sherlock, Firefly]; a fandom I'm familiar enough with to give it a go)
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Worth it by [ profile] jaune_chat. This brightened my long day :)

In other news, it has become incredibly clear to me how very much I talk at work now that I am still battling the laryngitis and sound like total crap.

My parents are still without power. Their deep freezer is finally losing the battle and starting to thaw and leak in the basement. Sadness.


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